Expert Editing, Coaching & Content Review

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Expert Editing, coaching & Content Review


Christine Kephart


For more than a decade I have been helping DNP, PhD, EdD, and Master’s degree candidates complete their degrees and move on in their careers. I also work with faculty.


By providing expert content feedback and editing. And great coaching strategies that help writers and scholars stay on track.

The results?

Degree completion and even publication. A wonderful sense of achievement for a job well done too!

my background?

I’ve been teaching college writing, running college writing centers, and training graduate students to write dissertations, presentations, conference papers - you name it! - in all fields. I also have a PhD, and I’m a published scholar and speaker.


Here’s how I can help

  • Dissertations, Theses & DNP Capstone Projects

  • Proposals & Conference Papers

  • Journal Publications

  • Poster Presentations & Power Point Presentations

  • Technical & Professional Writing

  • Papers & Projects for Coursework

  • Time Management & Goal Setting

  • Techniques for Persevering & Staying Positive

for these fields

  • Nursing

  • Science & Technology

  • Engineering & Mathematics

  • Business

  • Education & Humanities


  • Expertise in English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • A track record of success helping doctoral candidates to degree completion

  • Individual attention

  • Cheerleading to help you get it done!

how does it work?

  • Phone calls & texting

  • Emails & messaging

  • The Cloud

  • Video meetings & screen share

  • Face-to-face when possible

  • Whatever works best for you



Christine, you’re my doctorate guardian angel! Thank you.Your expertise has really helped me.
— Elvira, Doctorate in Nursing Practice
Thanks so much for your help. I got a BIG thumbs up from my advisor! He keeps asking me what magic makes the paper so different… :)
— Siwei, PhD, Assistant Professor of Innovation Management
No one else does what you can do. You teach them how to write.
— Colleen, DNP, Assistant Professor